Show updates!

Have two new shows put together:

Friday, Sep 19th: @ Swing State W/ Bridges of Konigsberg

Tuesday, Sep 23rd: @ Reggies Rock Club W/ Black Cobra (discounted tickets available, contact before they run out)

Chicago show to be announced in the next day or two.  We’re really excited about this one - keep an eye out

Dusted off the pedal boards.

Feel free to download all of our music for free on bandcamp.

We’re finally up to speed and have a new set ready for you all.  Chicagoland venues - throw some show dates our way!

Feels good to put together some merch for shows again

Feels good to put together some merch for shows again

Andy Karol @ Big Chicks

This Tuesday, Andy Karol will be performing spoken word poetry to some of our music.  If you are in the Chicago (Uptown/Andersonville) area, we HIGHLY recommend you head to Big Chicks and check it out.  After spying on some of her other work, we’re confident it will be an incredible experience.  We are really, really excited and…*ahem*…if any of you can, you should definitely record it for us…


Where Death is Most Alive

Earlier today, we were excited to see a message from the admins of the youtube channel “Where Death is Most Alive”. They upload / promote genres much like our own, and they were kind enough to create a video for “Fields” and promote it on their channel.

Stuff like this helps us out so much, and reminds us for the millionth time that we really, really, (really) need to tour in Europe already.


Youtube Channel
WDIMA Website

House Sioum

House Sioum

Hey everyone!

We want (and need) more band photos! If you have any live photos of us playing, we want em’. Professional, amateur, doesn’t matter! Links, downloads, facebook albums, whatever. Please help us out!

Feel free to send links to our facebook, or to our email at

Once again, don’t be shy - we want to use them for our social media sites, and possibly for our website re-design. Beyond that, just to have. Either way, you’ll be helping us out a lot. Thanks everyone.

Again, a big thank you to everyone that made it out to tonight’s show.  It’s always nice to catch up with those of you who we know, and meet new fans as well!  It leaves us feeling re-energized and ready to push ourselves further.

Stay tuned for more shows and new music, and we hope to see you all again soon!